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SWK Vineyard

The SWK Vineyard is our coolest, most marginal vineyard site. Each year it struggles to set a good crop, and typically produces loose clusters with a high percentage of “hens and chicks.” These unusually small clusters have a high skin-to-juice ratio and typically produce one of our most intense and concentrated wines. The SWK Vineyard wine features sweet red berry aromas, and is the most intensely savory and mineral-driven wine we make.

During fermentation, the SWK Vineyard fruit receives our most gentle extraction. Punchdowns are kept to a minimum and are used only to distribute the heat of fermentation, not to extract. Besides the vivid red fruit aromas this site produces, the SWK Vineyard has a signature savory and soil-influenced quality that sets it apart in the Occidental range.

2020 SWK Vineyard

Captivating bouquet of wild red berries, crushed flowers, and fresh thyme. Savory as well as floral, with layers of red and darker berry tones. Chiseled and precise, and clearly the most mineral-rich in character. Flavors of tiny alpine strawberries and tart red currants have a salty edge to them. Turns even more savory and saline on the long finish.