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Bodega Ridge Vineyard

In 2008, Occidental purchased our 250-acre Bodega Ridge property, which lies on the same ridge as the Bodega Headlands property and clearly overlooks the Pacific. In 2012, Occidental began planting 65 acres of pinot noir on this property. From the very beginning, we hoped to produce two single-vineyard bottlings from each of our ridgetop properties. With the Bodega Ridge Vineyard pinot noir, our lineup is now complete. From the Bodega Ridge property – where our winery and tasting room are located – will come the Cuvée Catherine and Bodega Ridge wines. Whereas the Cuvée Catherine is sourced from the area of the property nearest to the tasting room and winery, the Bodega Ridge fruit comes from the upper level of this vineyard, where there are more varied exposures and slopes.

2020 Bodega Ridge Vineyard

Brilliant in every way. Striking aromatics of red and blue fruits are electric in character. There is a distinct saltiness to this wine, like blue-green seaweed or dark, cold sea-water. Highly detailed on the palate with purple and dark berry flavors that build in intensity. The wine is ultraviolet, a near perfect balance of brightness and depth.