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Bodega Ridge Vineyard

In 2008, Occidental purchased our 250-acre Bodega Ridge property, which lies on the same ridge as Bodega Headlands and clearly overlooks the Pacific. In 2012, Occidental began planting 65 additional acres of pinot noir on this property. Bodega Ridge comprises approximately thirty discrete vineyard blocks based primarily on the water-holding capacity of the soil. Each block will be farmed and harvested separately and then fermented in its own tank. In the coming years as the vineyard matures, our focus will be to identify the unique expressions of each section of vineyard given the wide diversity of soils, slope, and exposure throughout the property.

For years, we waited patiently to produce our first vintage from this exceptional vineyard. The first single-vineyard bottling was produced in 2019.

From the start, there was never any question how promising this site would be, but it also proved to be one of the most difficult to plant and get established. It sits on the highest point of the ridge overlooking the Running Fence Vineyard and the Occidental winery below. From this vantage point, you can see the Freestone Valley to the east, and the fishing boats on Bodega Bay to the west. Much of the vineyard is planted on steep south-southeast facing slopes, but there are varied exposures and aspects throughout the site. The soils are shallow, marine sandstones that are low in vigor, self-regulating, and with just enough water holding capacity to be dry farmed. In other words, ideal. Over time, the Bodega Ridge pinot noir is certain to become one of our most prized bottlings.