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Bodega Headlands Vineyard

The Bodega Headlands Vineyard is planted on the top of a southwest-facing ridge at elevations of 400 to 750 feet, and is flanked by a dense forest of old-growth redwoods on its northern edge. Its soils are derived from fractured sandstone and decomposed marine sediments, and include the occasional marine fossil. The vineyard was propagated with a proprietary blend of field selections from two grand cru vineyards in Vosne Romanée.

Throughout the growing season this vineyard is exposed to a variable coastal climate, including strong prevailing winds off the ocean. To mitigate the effects of this often harsh weather, we adapted our traditional Guyot pruning system by changing the orientation of our canes to provide more protection for each vine on their windward side.

Each year the vines struggle to set a good crop, with yields averaging well below two tons per acre. The optimal time to pick this vineyard is at the early edge of ripeness, at the first sign the fruit has reached true physiological maturity. The decision to pick is based on flavor, as well as pH and acidity to preserve freshness and energy. This accentuates the crystalline red fruit character of the wines from this great site.