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Vineyard Team Ruben Molinar and the Vineyard Team

The Occidental vineyards demand expert attention and great skill to farm at the level required to produce world-class pinot noir. For nearly thirty years, Ruben has been the leader of a dedicated team of men and women committed to this one goal.

Ruben and I first met in 1990 in a vineyard on Sonoma Mountain. A few days later, I offered him a job and we have worked closely together ever since. Over the years, Ruben and I have developed many outstanding vineyard sites, culminating with the planting of Occidental’s pinot noir vineyards on the Bodega Headlands, which he proudly says are the crowning accomplishment of his career.

Ruben trained to be an engineer and brings his ingenuity and analytical approach to bear in solving any problem. He has fully embraced the challenge of farming Occidental’s extreme coastal sites with all the care and respect they deserve.

Longtime members of the Occidental vineyard team also include Nahum A., Antonio S., Rigoberto M., Roberto V., Raul M., Octavio Ruiz, and many others.

Lastly, there is Salvador Preciado and his team to acknowledge, who have over the years field budded each and every rootstock that Occidental and Kistler Vineyards has ever planted. I can not imagine putting our budwood in anyone else’s hands.