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Cellar Team Raymundo Abarca and the Cellar Team

Raymundo, Ruben, and Jose Abarca have worked alongside me for almost thirty years – first in the cellar and vineyards at Kistler and now at Occidental. Salvador Rodriquez, who had been with me for nearly just as long, retired in 2021. Raymundo's oldest son, Adrian, joined his father over ten years ago, and his youngest son, Favian, also assists in the cellar and vineyards at critical times of the year.

Their skill, dedication, and pride in what they do is reflected in each bottle of Occidental that we produce together.

At harvest, they are often assisted by Agustin P., Raul M., and Adolfo R.

We are so fortunate to work with the Abarca brothers, and to now have the second generation of the Kistler and Abarca families side by side in the cellar.