Your allocation is based upon your length of time on our list, your Occidental purchase history, and the production level of each wine. Members who are buying on a consistent basis and who purchased wine during our most recent release (Spring 2018) will be given priority.


We encourage all members who wish to purchase additional bottles to make a Wish Request. We will grant as many requests as possible at the end of the release. If we can grant your request, we will notify you by email and charge the additional bottles as a new order before consolidating them for shipment with your original order.

Please note, your Wish Requests will be taken into account when determining your allocation for the following year regardless of whether or not they have been granted.


We look forward to sharing our wines with you through our website – occidentalwines.com. You must have an account (email and password) to place an order online. We suggest you to complete your Occidental profile prior to the start of the release, as updating your account ahead of time will expedite the ordering process.

All orders will be processed on a first-come basis, which may mean that the release will progress at a fast pace. We encourage you to place your order promptly to ensure that the wines you wish to purchase are still available. We anticipate that these wines will sell out quickly.

Although online ordering is preferred, those that would like to order by phone or by fax or who may need to make special arrangements can contact the winery directly at 707-827-1655 or email info@occidentalwines.com. Susan, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mia, or Cassie will be happy to assist you.