In memoriam: MARK BIXLER

Sad News from Kistler Family

With great sadness, I am writing to tell you that Mark Bixler passed away on November 16th after a brief illness.

Mark was a founding partner at Kistler Vineyards and was instrumental to its growth and success over the years. In the early days, Mark wore many hats. Having studied chemistry at MIT and UC Berkeley, Mark naturally assumed all wine analysis responsibilities at Kistler Vineyards. But his contributions went far beyond the scope of laboratory work. Mark held many essential roles, which he infused with his love for the world of wine and those in it.

Mark personally attended to all of Kistler Vineyard’s sales and marketing, both foreign and domestic, for over 20 years. Furthermore, he helped to develop our first mailing list program that was years ahead of its time.

From the very beginning, our talents complemented one another well. While Mark managed many of the business affairs of Kistler, I was able to concentrate on the vineyards and winemaking. Over the years, Mark became incredibly close with our vineyard and cellar teams, all of whom consider him as family.

Mark would often say that one of the most rewarding aspects of his career at Kistler were the personal relationships he developed with many of the mailing list members who shared his passion for fine wine.

Mark was very much looking forward to mentoring Catherine and Elizabeth at Occidental and it gave him great joy to know that he would be able to pass along his decades of knowledge and wine enthusiasm to the girls.

All of us will miss him greatly.

Steve Kistler and the entire Kistler family

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